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Essential Videos

My personal story of recovery from pornography addiction and porn-induced sexual dysfunction in 2014.

These are the mistakes that cripple so many guys for years or decades, when they could have been free and enjoying their lives and relationships! Watch this first so that you don't make the same errors.

This is a presentation I gave on the current scientific understanding of how pornography impacts the brain and how consistent use can result in addiction and sexual and emotional dysfunction.

And If you’re ready for a break from the heavy emotional unburdening and the hard science:

Addiction Recovery Information and Advice

• Take this Addiction Test to learn more about what addiction is and assess whether it is something you may be struggling with. 

• Watch this recorded live stream on Getting your first 30 days porn free

• Read my statement of The Pornfree Mindset for Lasting Recovery and be inspired to write your own

• Read Why I used porn (a 15 year progression), and start thinking about what place porn has come to take in your own life. 

• Begin taking control of your present and future by Discovering the emotional roots of your porn addiction.

• Learn about the benefits of physical health and fitness in addiction recovery and Hack our way free of depression and addiction.

• Discover How reducing pornography use can be harmful, when what you may need is to become completely and permanently pornfree.

• Learn about how bad a porn addiction can get, so that your rock bottom is a soft rock bottom rather than a hard one (divorce, lost job, prison time).

• Don’t get caught in the trap of thinking, I missed out on the best years of my life.

• If you’re recovering within a romantic relationship, watch my Three Tips for Porn Addicts and Their Partners.

Find accountability and support.

• Use this hypnotic guided meditation to build your own lifelong pornfree mindset.

• And learn more about how meditation can help you with Mindfulness meditation for addiction recovery.

No PMO: What Counts as a Relapse?

Sexual Dysfunction Recovery Information and Advice 

• After learning what porn-induced sexual dysfunctions are from my lecture video above, watch The essential basics of PIED recovery.

• You may wonder, Is it OK to fantasize while recovering from PIED/PMO addiction?

• Or, Is it severe Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction or some physical problem?

• Or, “How long should I wait to date as I recover from porn-induced erectile dysfunction?”

• Or, Is it OK to masturbate while recovering from a porn addiction? (chaser effect, orgasm, karezza)

If I do masturbate, how do I do it in a healthy way?

• Perhaps you don’t have PIED or have recovered from it, but Why doesn’t sex feel that great? (porn-induced desensitization and DE)

But what about premature ejaculation?

• Most rebooters experience at least one “flatline” during their recovery. Will my penis be shriveled and numb forever? (the nofap flatline)

• Almost everyone wonders, How long to recover from porn-induced erectile dysfunction (PIED)?

• Once you’re in a relationship and attempting rewire, the journey will be many times easier if you are open and honest about what you’re going through. So, How do I tell her I’m addicted to porn? Or, How do I tell her about my PIED (porn-induced erectile dysfunction)? 

Niche Topics

The broad strokes of addiction and porn-induced sexual dysfunction recovery are often very similar and follow familiar patterns across the individuals I work with, but we all are unique and run into a variety of less common problems and questions. Here are some of the answers, as well as videos on topics not directly related to pornography use.

Will giving up porn give me superpowers?

14 years old with severe PIED

Straight guys watching transsexual porn? Are they gay?

Why would anyone watch child pornography? (Horrifying reality)

After rebooting, should I masturbate before sex to avoid premature ejaculation

Can masturbating wrong hurt your penis?- Death Grips, TMS, Peyronie's, Penile Fracture, ETC.

Is it healthy to never fap? Will not masturbating cause prostate cancer?

Should I do BDSM with my partner?

• I quit porn, but now my sex drive is out of control and hurting my relationship!

• Addicted for most of my life. Is it too late for me?

“How can I become better in bed after recovering from PIED?”

Is a man’s life over when he goes bald? This article and video deals not only with male pattern baldness, but insecurity, self-acceptance, and self-confidence.

• 20 Lessons from my 20s In this two-part series you’ll discover 20 lessons that should help you grow and thrive in all aspects of your life.

• Pornfree in the Pandemic ~ How to maintain recovery in quarantine

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