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recovery tools & advice Mar 31, 2022

Often we feel the strongest urges to use when we feel lonely, lost, and depressed, because porn offers an easy way to forget about all of that and just feel pleasure for a few short moments. Rise above that feeling of depression, then, and we can nullify many of our harmful urges. There are many ways to combat depression, but there is one simple activity we can do every day that makes a huge difference. Studies (like this one) have demonstrated that regular exercise is actually just as or more effective in treating depression than any pharmaceutical remedy: we get a natural high from physical activity that can wash away depression and leave us feeling peaceful and empowered.

Any kind of exercise (running, team sports, lifting, swimming, etc.) can provide this feeling, but in my experience it is most powerful and pronounced when I push myself past light exercise and really get my heart pumping.

So pick your preferred activities, and hit them hard. If you’re inexperienced in exercise or just want to learn more, check at your local gyms for group fitness classes. You’ll learn safe exercise techniques and feel pushed to do your best by the collective energy in the room.

For the biggest endorphin rush possible, as soon as you return home get into the shower and immediately turn the water on as cold as it will go. The first five seconds will be the worst, but stay strong. It gets better. You will want to get out as fast as you can, but you are stronger than your immediate cravings. This cold water cannot hurt you. Give yourself a thorough, slow rinse, then dry off and get dressed.man bursting out of icy water

You will be high on the satisfaction of exercising body and mind. You deserve this high–it is nature’s reward to you for choosing the harder path, the path of strength.

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