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These are the best and most helpful resources that I have found while researching porn addiction.

I’ll start with the video that opened my eyes to the Internet porn problem in the first place: Gary Wilson’s TED talk, The Great Porn Experiment.


  • The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonagall. McGonagall, a psychology professor at Stanford, brings her classroom to the page in this exploration of desire and self-control. She draws a variety of willpower strategies and tactics from the latest in willpower science and explains how you can apply these techniques to any “I will,” “I won’t,” or “I want” challenge in your life. A must read for those of us whose greatest enemy is ourselves.
  • Gifts of Recovery is my favorite daily reader. Each day I look forward to seeing what wisdom Gifts of Recovery has for me today, and it never disappoints. The readings make great prompts for journaling and self-reflection as well, if you’re into that. I recommend this book often, even to people who are not struggling with a porn or sex addiction. Anyone can benefit greatly from the readings here.
  • Fortify. This text is directed specifically toward adolescents and teens who are struggling with a porn addiction. Authored by Fight the New Drug, an organization committed to educating and arming today’s youth against the dangers of Internet porn.
  • Love You, Hate the Porn: Healing a Relationship Damaged by Virtual Infidelity by Mark Chamberlain and Geoff Steurer. This text addresses handling a pornography or cybersex addiction specifically within a committed relationship, including many inspiring stories of real couples and essential advice both for the addict and for the addict’s partner. With this book, couples have the power to access a deeper level of trust and intimacy than they have ever shared, leaving no room for porn.
  • Porn Addict’s Wife: Surviving Betrayal and Taking Back Your Life by Sandy Brown can be a good resource for the partner of a problematic porn user–or users themselves who want to better understand what their partners are going through and how to help them. Brown’s characterization of these issues are largely limited by her personal experience (heteronormative, within a marriage, the user is the man and the partner the woman, etc.), her understanding of pornography addiction itself lacks nuance, and the book lacks citations and repeats questionable facts–but Brown’s perspective is still valuable.
  • Dirty Girls Come Clean by Crystal Renaud. Dirty is one of the few texts to focus on female porn addicts, and it is very valuable for sharing many women’s stories of addiction and recovery. Note that this book is written from a Christian perspective, which may turn away some readers.


Our Kids Online: Porn, Predators & How To Keep Them Safe is a 2020 documentary available for rent on Vimeo, and it’s an essential watch for parents and anyone else who wants to be well informed of the dangers posed by to us in our modern online society. Highly recommended!

Gary Wilson reviews the physiological processes behind porn-induced erectile dysfunction.

A short, easily digestible introduction to understanding porn addiction.

A longer animated video on understanding how porn impacts the brain.

A mini-documentary on the effects of Internet porn on young people. Well worth watching!

Gabe Deem, founder of Reboot Nation, describes the science behind porn addiction and his own struggle to quit porn and overcome porn-induced erectile dysfunction.

Former porn actress Jessie Rogers shares her revealing perspective on the hard realities of the porn industry and its hardships in an interview with Craig Perra. TRIGGER WARNING for explicit language.

Websites and Articles

YourBrainOnPorn.com” is the single most complete resource for up-to-date information on all aspects of Internet porn addiction and recovery.

OurKidsOnline.info is a great resource for parents and educators looking to educate themselves on the dangers our children today face online in order to better protect and inform them.

The American Society of Addiction Medicine’s “Public Policy Statement: Definition of Addiction” is a valuable read for anyone looking to understand the behaviors common to all addicts.

Pornhelp.org is an unbiased, comprehensive, and up-to-date resource for information about options for quitting porn and overcoming pornography addiction. Their mission is to make finding a path to quitting porn as simple and understandable as possible for anyone who wants to quit. They have an excellent compendium of resources for those seeking support, either through phone/Internet or local.

BruCapella.com es uno de los pocos sitios web específicos de Español para centrarse en este tema. Bru Capella, que dirige el sitio, también ofrece consultas personales. Dile que Noah Church te envió para obtener un 15% de descuento en sus servicios.

Pornosucht Besiegen ist eine Webseite auf Deutsch und liefert Informationen rund um das Thema Pornosucht. Es wird beschrieben, was Pornosucht ist und wie man sie wieder los wird.

SynergyExplorers.org and Reuniting.info are good places to start learning about karezza, sacred-sex, bonding-focusing sex, and orgasm-less sex, which can be useful information when recovering from porn-induced problems.


REMOJO is the most complete all-in-one recovery app if for anyone having trouble controlling their Internet porn use or struggling with a porn-induced sexual dysfunction. It’s includes blocking, accountability, and streak-tracking functions as well as a bevy of educational and motivational content (much of it created by me). Only $5/month for the premium version and very well worth it.

Adblock Plus is a free extension for the free web browser Firefox. With it, you will no longer have to worry about pop-ups or banner ads triggering and distracting you. It makes the Internet a whole lot nicer.

Ever Accountable is an Internet accountability tool more so than a content filter, though it does provide that service as well. Covenant Eyes will take a screenshot of whatever is on your screen about every minutes and then use an algorithm to determine if what’s on your screen is erotic or sexual. If it reads it as a positive, then it will alert your chosen accountability partners with a report that includes blurred versions of said screenshots. It doesn’t matter what browser you’re using or even if you’re online. This way you still have the choice of indulging your compulsions, but you will have to explain them later, and your trusted partner can know when you need help getting back on the right track. It really helps to make porn use a non-option in your mind, especially when you have the right accountability partners.

For those who want accountability but have difficulties with Ever Accountable for whatever reason, Covenant Eyes or X3Watch are other solid options.

The founder of Tech Lockdown offers thorough guides and services for blocking porn on all devices and at the router level. The learning curve is rather steep, and significant upfront time investment is required, but if you want to be thorough in your blocking, you should check out what Tech Lockdown provides.

Detoxify is another porn-blocking app good for anyone who wants to make browsing safer for them.

Pluckeye is a filter purpose-made for adults trying to help enforce their own self-control goals. It can be used to reduce or eliminate time spent using porn, using social media, checking email, shopping, gambling, or gaming.

Google Family Link is another option similar to Screentime.

A Wisephone is a device designed to provide functionality without distraction and temptation. Check it out as an alternative to distracting and addictive smartphones.

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Online Support Communities

I run the Reboot Club and the Rebooter Support and Discussion Group, and you can learn all about them here.

Your Brain Rebalanced” is a public forum for “Overcoming Pornography Addiction and Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction”, as well as all other problems related to compulsive porn use. This forum is an ever-growing and positive support community that includes general discussion as well as spaces for journals, success stories, female porn addicts, partners of porn addicts, etc.

NoFap” is a community-focused website that challenges people to “partake in the ultimate challenge” by abstaining from masturbation for a determined amount of time. NoFap began as a small group of men who wanted to increase their motivation by keeping their hands out of their pants, but it has since incorporated recovery from porn addiction and now boasts more than 200,000 members on its Reddit forum.

Reboot Nation” is a secular community forum created by Gabe Deem for mutual support and information-sharing about pornography addiction, pornography-induced sexual dysfunction, and recovery.

There are also two subreddits on Reddit.com: NoFap and Pornfree. Love After Porn is also on Reddit and is intended for partners of problematic porn users to support each other.