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78% of high school kids (boys and girls) regularly consume pornography. Among the boys who use, almost one in ten of them describe that use as an addiction. On a (very much) related note, erectile dysfunction rates in men under 40 are now 14-33%, when twenty years ago they were only 2-5%.

The unfortunate fact is that we've been performing on unethical experiment on the world without their consent, testing the question: "What happens to people when you give them unlimited amounts of sexual content to masturbate to?"

I, Noah B.E. Church, was one of the unwitting participants in that experiment. For me, the answer to that question was: 

  • Porn-induced erectile dysfunction (PIED), meaning I was unable to become erect with partners but did fine with a screen.
  • Difficulty reaching orgasm with a partner.
  • Cravings for and emotional reliance on porn.
  • Escalation to extreme sexual preferences or fetishes as tolerance increased and regular sex scenes became boring
  • Emotional numbness and difficulty forming relationships.
  • Social anxiety, depression, apathy, and “brainfog.”

Fortunately, once I realized what was going on I put a stop to it and healed. You can too.

It's tragic to waste your years and your lifeforce on illusions designed to captivate your attention and keep you hooked. Take this quiz to quickly determine if you have a porn problem that needs your attention. 

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