My Life Rebooted: Recover from Porn Addiction

A comprehensive course on building a satisfying, proud life free from porn.

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In this course you'll learn all this and more:

  • How long-term pornography use impacts the brain and can create addiction and sexual dysfunction.
  • What addiction is, how it develops, how to determine if you are addicted and what recovery means for you if you are.
  • The potential unexpected joys and benefits of living pornfree.
  • The difference between porn addiction and sex addiction.
  • How to heal in a way that means a permanent change to your lifestyle, rather than just collecting streaks of sobriety and then relapsing.
  • What a relapse means and how to handle it, if it happens.
  • Whether pornfree masturbation will be healthy for you during recovery, and how to do it healthfully if you choose to.
  • How to find community and support as you recover.
  • How to discover and address your core needs that are going unfulfilled and driving your addictive behavior.
  • How to structure your life with habits and disciplines, becoming who you want to be by taking small actions every day.
  • How to plan for and handle strong urges in vulnerable moments
  • How to prevent most of those moments from ever arriving.
  • How to develop mindfulness, a strength that will aid you in every aspect of your journey and life.
  • How to introduce or reintroduce real relationships, intimacy, and sex into your life in healthy ways.
  • How to talk to current or future partners about your addiction, maximizing the chances of recruiting their support.
  • How to avoid complacency once this journey is easy, maintaining your pornfree life so that you don’t have to go through it all again.

Includes lifetime access to the Reboot Club

With your purchase you'll also gain access to our private Discord server, where you can communicate with other men on similar journeys to your own, sharing wisdom, asking questions, and cheering each other on. I'll also be in my "office" there at least once a month, available for anyone in the Club to come in and talk to. The value of this is HUGE, so be sure to take advantage of this resource.

How much does it cost?

I'll let you in on how I priced this course. First I calculated how much it would cost someone to receive a similar amount of information as contained here through personal coaching with me.


I put a strike through that so you wouldn't think at a glance that it's the price of this course (though I know plenty of men who would gladly pay that price for proper guidance to a pornfree life).

Then I thought about how much I know some other coaches in this field charge for similar guidance.

$8,000 to $20,000

Then I thought about the amount of money that many men have told me they spent on counselors, psychiatrists, rehabs, and intensive recovery treatments, and they're still struggling when they find me. 

$3,000 to $30,000

I thought about how much I  would have paid in the depth of my addiction—when I wasn't sure if I would ever be able to trust and respect myself again—to finally be free. Honestly, I would have drained my whole bank account and paid whatever I had to.

Then I thought about all the men I've had the privilege of working with throughout the years and the difference I was able to help them make in their lives. Some of them are multi-millionaires, sure, but many are teenagers, college students, minimum-wage workers, men in countries with much lower wages than the US, etc. I realized that while I could probably charge five figures (read: $10,000+) for this course and make a killing, that I didn't get into this business to help only a few high-ticket buyers. I built this business to make sure that the people who needed these answers could get them, so that they wouldn't have to struggle alone and in ignorance for years like I did.

I want everyone who needs this course to be able to access it and build for themselves a rebooted life, without of course compromising the quality of product I want to provide. Therefore, what I'm charging today is...

Gain immediate access to the most comprehensive online resource available on porn addiction recovery.

All the knowledge I have gained from working over the years with many hundreds of clients struggling with compulsive porn use and the sexual, emotional, and relational health problems that behavior had caused, distilled into one easy-to-use and engaging video course. Give yourself the best possible chance at recovery.

The complete experience, contains both courses at a discounted package rate.

Many of the men I work with not only have a PISD but have also lost control of their porn use and don't have the ability to quit on their own. With the Complete Package, you receive the best and most comprehensive foundation for porn addiction and PISD recovery out there. Purchased separately these courses total $1994, but for a limited time I'm offering them as a special package deal for 75% off Don't sleep on this deal, because it won't last!

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